International Undergraduate Early Advising Consulting

early-advising Our consulting session lasts one hour and focuses on early advising, profile building, and analysis. During this session, we offer the following services:

  1. Profile analysis – We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your individual profile.
  2. School selection – We provide a list of tentative aspirational, realistic, and safety schools based on your current profile. If you wish to pursue profile building further, we can also suggest aspirational schools that are a good match for your profile.
  3. Profile building – We provide a detailed analysis of various aspects that can help you build a strong, holistic profile. These include:

    • a) Curriculum planning for your future education
    • b) Selection of subjects based on your degree of interest
    • c) Identification of specific extracurricular activities that can enhance your application
    • d) Recommendations for social impact causes and community service activities
    • e) Suggestions for online/offline courses, certifications, exams, projects, competitions, and portfolios that can positively impact your application
    • f) Guidance on internships and shadowing opportunities at companies relevant to your degree choice
    • g) Ideas for passion projects that showcase your interest in your future degree
    • h) Development of a timeline for implementing the above suggestions and answering any questions you may have.

Our goal is to provide you with personalized, actionable advice to help you build a strong profile that increases your chances of admission to your dream schools.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for Admission Consulting / College Counseling

What are key benefits of MCS Admission Consulting as compared to others?

Masterclass Space provides premium Admission Consulting Services which consists of exhaustive profile building processes. Our consultants are highly experienced and have a track record of providing admission in Ivy League and Elite Universities. Students are provided with unique tools to design profile so that they stand out.

How is consulting services more than helping in college applications?

Consulting Services consists of holistic preparation of profile which starts much ahead of college applications. College applications mention projects, internships, shadowships, extra-curricular activities, X-factor of student which have to be exercised much ahead of application. Consulting services help a student in all these pointers which have to be mentioned in college applications.

Which is most appropriate time to start Admission Consulting?

The process of profile building starts from 9th grade onwards itself. However, only one guidance session is enough in early classes. Actual consulting works starts in grade 11 and 12.